• 2032 Olympic Games infrastructure
  • International airport terminal (Asia, US)
  • Transport projects
  • Health precinct
  • The International Broadband Data Cable

Why invest on the Sunshine Coast? Put simply, why not?

  • Arrival of the broadband data cable direct from Asia and the US – Producing fastest data speeds in and out of Australia
  • Development of Maroochydore CBD from a green site – A city centre designed to take advantage of the data industry.
  • International airport upgrade to be able to accommodate long haul flights from Asis and the US.
  • Development of the largest health precinct in the southern hemisphere.
  • Domestic Airline based on Sunshine Coast to service regional areas.
  • 2032 Olympic Games- creating legacy infrastructure and exposure on the global stage.
  • Upgraded mass – transportation links to and from Brisbane and internally on the Sunny Coast.
  • Leisure and sport infrastructure – Surf Park.

Welcoming intrastate, interstate, and international visitors throughout the year, the Sunshine Coast has a healthy tourism industry that boasted 3.6 million visitors and 12.9 million accommodation nights in the 12 months ending September 2021. These visitors were young families on holiday, people visiting friends and family who live in the region, retirees coming for their annual trip to escape the winter and
people travelling for one of the many events such as triathlons, National Rugby League, Super Netball and the like.

Even when borders closed in the midst of COVID outbreaks, the region saw steady visitor numbers from drive tourism, and even experienced longer stays and greater spend from those that could visit the region.

When compared to the Gold Coast, a market twice the size, the Sunshine Coasts performance over the Gold Coast highlights how it has become the #1 region of choice in Queensland.

It is important to understand the incoming demand for holiday accommodation (outpacing supply) and, more importantly, the correlation between visitation and future relocation.

There is currently so much development in job creating infrastructure either completed, underway or planned.

Region Sunshine Coast Gold Coast
Population 350,000 640,000
Visitors p.a 3.601m 3.068m
Visitors nights p.a 12.933m 11.092m

Growth Projects

2032 Olympic Games

  • Benefits before, during and after
  • Conference and Entertainment centre close by to be completed for Olympics.

International Broadband Cable

  • Australia’s only Greenfield CBD masterplan city designed to take advantage on the subsea data cable giving Maroochydore the fastest data speeds in Australia.

International Airport

  • Completed International flight upgraded airport that will cater for direct international travel direct to Asia and US.

International Airport

  • The new $334 million international runway opened on the Sunshine Coast Airport during the height of Covid-19 outbreak, so we are as yet to see its full impact as the world gradually reopen. However, we know that with in the wider and longer runway our region can now open its skies to larger passenger aircraft such as Airbus A330 and Boeing 787. Of course, this isn’t just about tourism and the people sitting on these flights, it’s also about what can happen inside the planes, with increased ability to export goods and import people conducting commerce. – a direct benefit that’s estimated to be worth more than $4billion p.a.
  • In the next 20 years a further $200 million will also be invested in the airport to develop new infrastructure such as upgraded terminal and dedicated freight facilities. Once carrier deals are confirmed, the Sunshine Coast will be even more accessible to millions across the globe.
  • The investment into the airport and the strength and confidence this aviation hub provides, has seen a stimulation and growth of other investments both within the precinct with aviation and aerospace businesses as well as further across the Coast including convention facilities, accommodation, tourism events parks, IT, education and manufacturing.

Bonza Airlines

Bonza airlines new home base on Sunshine Coast making us the 2nd most domestically connected airport in QLD (39 flights per week).

  • This major announcement means destinations from Sunshine Coast Airport have almost tripled, with Bonza planning to operate 39 flights per week to 13 routes – 10 of which have never been serviced from here before.
  • With these new destinations, Sunshine Coast Airport will move up the ladder from 10th to the 2nd most domestically connected airport in Queensland.
  • This will have an immediate impact on tourism and commerce as new markets are opened up and new people can access and discover the Sunshine Coast for the first time.
  • This discovery will be an incredible boost for our tourism sector.

Mass Transport Projects

To put it simply, mass transit is a convenient and easy-to-access public transport system which moves people efficiently. A well-designed system reduces car usage, specially at peak times, and may include:

  • buses, including articulated and double decker buses
  • trams or light rail vehicles
  • passenger train

Largest Health Precinct in the Southern Hemisphere completed. Circa 15,000 jobs created with in a 1.5km radius alone.

Anchored by the Sunshine Coast University Public and Private hospitals, the health precinct continues to grow with leading allied health, wellness, support, rehabilitation, and natural medicine providers. This affords all potential residents the ability to choose the Sunshine Coast regardless of their medical needs and gives a sense of safety and security that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Already employing more than 6,000 people with the vast majority of them being new jobs in the last 4 years, it is expected that once fully developed the precinct will have direct employment of over 15,000 and create further jobs in other areas of the community.

What does this mean for accommodation providers? Simply, more competition from a different market for beds.

If you build it, they will come…

The last 6 months has seen the start of a trend showing double digit growth compared to last year.

On top of the severe undersupply of housing and rentals, the major infrastructure projects completed, underway and planned, the demand for accommodation on the Sunshine Coast is only going to go in one direction.

This industry is a hidden gem in terms of lifestyle and income. And will only get better.

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